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Japanese car culture proudly representing 沖縄 [098] Est. 2007


Yukari Bokujyou.

& Even though Kazu-san’s S13 is everywhere on tumblr, I’ll just leave this here… hah

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russales and phokingkoopatroopabrah 

Do you guys want to run this blog?

Also, Russ, maybe you can get Nikky to get on tumblr so she can put some of her photos on here as well. I’m clearly in no real position to run it anymore.


ALL pics were taken by me, for me and have been strategically placed to help answer the 10 questions below. Please credit me #Ru$$ales if you use any of my photos.  If not, I will hunt you down and put my watermark on your forehead!

My ten questions for the people I tag:

  1. Do you prefer forced induction or naturally aspirated cars? Forced Induction. Why? I love driving my Hachi, but I’ve driven a mildly modified GTR and let me tell you, first impressions are a MFer.  
  2. What are your feelings on traditional, manual transmissions being replaced by paddle shifting? I like ‘em both.  M/T vs Flappy Paddle as the Great Jeremy Clarkson refers to them, are like comparing cassette tape players to the latest gen iPod; at the end of the day, both will give you the same results.  Both devices play music just like the other two change gears.  One triggers memories that might start with “remember that time when…….?” The other makes you think about how much technology has advanced.  How many milliseconds can you shift your short throw shifter?  
  3. Do you prefer race tracks to unpredictable roads?  I’ve only driven on virtual race tracks.  Unpredictable or unfamiliar roads can be just as fun as race tracks.  I’ve driven the mountain passes here in Okinawa and The Great Ocean Road in Australia, but given the opportunity to drive the Nurburgring, Mid Ohio, or Silverstone would be an absolute dream come true.
  4. If you had an unlimited budget to venture into the racing world, what discipline would it be and why?  I’ve always liked Super GT, (formerly JGTC, especially the GT300 class) DTM and American LeMans. The early ‘90’s cars were close to production looking cars that you could buy but stripped out, race fuel drinking versions that paved way for the some of the production cars we have today.
  5. What is your opinion on ‘stance?’  Living in Okinawa, I have seen some odd vehicles ‘stanced.’  I’m not against it, in fact in I like some aspects of it.  It is a part of automotive culture that started with race cars and eventually that carried over to the streets.  It can look great when done right and absolutely fuckin’ brain dead when done wrong, like on a FF Celica in mainland Japan.  But who cares about what I think about you ‘stanced’ car.  I can give two shits about your opinion about what I do to my cars; why should you care about mine. 
  6. Why do you think women are not respected, appreciated or seen as equals in the global automotive community?  Who writes this stuff? What are we in 1978?  Without women in motor sports, there would be no motor sports. The Women & Motor Sport Commission, look it up.  
  7. What car is your ideal daily driver? FD2 Civic Type-R.  Again, I love my AE86, but if I could bring another car back from Japan that not only has decent power but also what I expect from a daily, the Type-R would be it.  
  8. Briefly recall your best experience behind the wheel. How has the affected the way you pursue your automotive enthusiasm? Too many to list.  I love driving to meets and shooting the shit with like minded people that truly love the automobile; no matter its origins, method of propulsion, or number of doors.
  9. When modifying a vehicle, what is your focus; power or control?  I  drive a 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT APEX Coupe.  Power is nothing if your car is not balanced.
  10. Do you feel that tumblr spreads knowledge about the automotive world, or does it merely perpetuate trends and fads?  TUMBLR, just like any other media site, can be an automotive conduit, if you will, for both.

(Source: flickr.com)